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About this Website:

This is the website for All-Saints Eastern Orthodox Church, under the Amophorion of Metropolitan Demetrius of the Americas, a diocese of the GOC Old Calendar Church of Greece. It is also dedicated to the memory of St. Sergius of Radonezh, and the Liturgical resources found here are translated, presented, and maintained for all God-loving Orthodox people in his memory.

A Parish dedicated to St. Sergius of Radonezh was established in Ohio by the late Archbishop Anthony of San-Francisco in the early 1950's

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English Language Orthodox Church Parma

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Troparion to All Saints, Tone IV

Adorned in the blood of Thy Martyrs * throughout all the world as in purple and fine linen, * Thy church, through them, doth cry unto Thee, O Christ God: * Send down Thy compassions upon Thy people; ** grant peace to Thy commonwealth, and great mercy to our souls.


Russian Language Orthodox Church Parma


The Liturgical Resources section has been expanded to include a full English Daily Menaion (a derivative work, not the Lambertson version) translated from the Slavonic.

An English Oktoechos has been completed

An Irmologion and Theotokalogion are used to ensure consistency throughout the services on this site.

The General Menaion has been updated to be consistent with the other material.

A description of how the material on this site should be used can be found Here


The Closet Ecumenist
Why we fast
A Letter to ROCiE

Russian Language Orthodox Church Parma
Russian Language Orthodox Church Parma
Life of
St. Sergius

St Sergius was born in 1313 in Rostov, He was tonsured a priestmonk and founded the community of the Holy Trinity in dense forest Northeast of present day Moscow. On account of the purity of his life, he was deemed worthy of the gifts of healing the sick and working miracles.

Life of St. Sergius

St. Sergius St-Sergius & St-Stephen
Clergy Attending
a 1992 ROCOR Sobor
in the Ohio Parish

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