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About The Parish

St Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. The presiding Bishop is Archbishop Alypy of the Chicago Detroit and American Midwest Diocese. The current Rector is Fr. Peter Burlakov.

The services are conducted using both Church Slavonic and English. All the hyms are sung in Slavonic, the readings are evenly split into Slavonic and English.

After every Sunday Liturgy the sisterhood serves a meal in the Church Hall, all are invited to help support our parish by attending the Sunday Agape meals.

Taking Communion in our Parish

If one wishes to partake of Divine Communion, prior to approaching the Chalice, the communicant must attend confession from a priest who is serving in the cathedral . It is highly recommended that the aspiring communicant attend the Vigil on the eve of the liturgy service, and take confession during the Vigil. If the communicant must travel from afar, and cannot attend the evening service, they should strive to arrive at the church in time to take confession, at least a half hour before hours begin.

We should strive to correctly prepare for confession, a good guide for this can be found here:

General Parish Rules

All are welcome to the church services. All visitors are asked to follow these simple rules as posted in the church:

  1. Everyone should dress in a manner becoming the house of God - that is: simply, modestly not to make a show. Women must have their heads covered (either with a scarf, kerchief or a hat) and not in slacks or wearing lipstick. Men must not wear shorts.

  2. Men stand on the right side, women stand on the left side of the church.

  3. Candles should not be lit, nor should there be any unnecessary movement in the church during the reading of the Holy Gospel, Epistle, sermon, or during any other major moments of the services. [If you are unaware of these moments of the service, please feel free to ask a representative of the parish for assistance.]

  4. Reasonable silence must always be observed in the church. Conversations and socializing can be done outside, or in the hall during our meals after Liturgy.

  5. There is no smoking in or near the church building, including the rest-rooms.

Fr. Peter giving a sunday sermon Taking Antidoron and receiving a blessing from Fr. Peter at the end of the Liturgy
Fr. Peter
Kissing the Cross
at the end of the Liturgy

Contact Information

St. Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral
6520 Broadview Road
Parma Ohio, 44134

Church Tel: (216) 447-1015
Rector, Fr. Peter Burlakov: (216) 524-3174
Priest, Fr. Ilia Marzev: (440) 743-0609
Choir Dir. Reader Alexander Petrovski: (216) 524-3174
Starosta: Goerge Balasko: (440) 843-9026
Head Sister: Alla Chistik (440) 256-1861
Head Sister Assistant: Nancy Fedorov (440) 886-4674
The St. Sergius Renaissance Circle (SSRC): If you are interested in learning about the activities of the group, please attend a meeting

For other Parish Contacts, send Emails to:
Website admin

Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral. 6520 Broadview Rd. Parma OH. 44134
Map showing the Location
of the Cathedral

Current Weather in the
Cleveland Vicinity

Liturgy Begins at Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral
The Liturgy Begins

Praying during the Liturgy
Prayer during the liturgy

Approaching the Chalice during the Liturgy
Approaching the Chalice
during the Liturgy

The Closing Prayers at the end of the Liturgy
The Closing Prayers at the
end of Liturgy

Fr. Peter blessing during the feastday Krestnihod at Saint Sergius Cathedral
Feastday Krestnihod
at Saint Sergius Cathedral

Making the Agape meal at Saint Sergius Cathedral
Sisterhood Making the Agape meal
at Saint Sergius Cathedral

Agape Dinner after the Feastday Service
Agape meal after Liturgy: L->R
Fr Peter Zelenoi, Vladiko Alypy &
Fr Peter Burlakov