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General Menaion - English

The Services presented here may be used in place of a Menaion Service, if the Menaion service is not available.

The services are complete, containg all Theotokions that may be required (i.e. feasted and unfeasted, for all days of the week), all Vesperal prophecy, Gospel and Epistle readings, Prokemenons, Troparions, general Kontakions, Sedalens and Magnification Verses for Matins etc.

Note that the Vesperal, Epistle and Gospel readings are general, and may differ from those prescribed in the Calendar. The readings from the calendar should be used if such is the case.

The services may be viewed in a Browser, or they may be printed. The HTML format has been selected to provide a useful printout using your Browser "Print" function. A color printer will produce a very readable product.

The font size is approximately 16 pt, making the print large, but easier to read in the darkened environs of a Vigil Service.

Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral. 6520 Broadview Rd. Parma OH. 44134
Saint Sergius

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975