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Complete Slavonic Oktoechos

The complete Slavonic Oktoechos is available for the 8 Tones, each tone containing the services for the Seven days of the Week
The Oktoechos has been expanded to include all Prokeimenons, daily Expostelaria, with other additions, to reduce the need to flip through pages and books during a service.
The files are downloadable in PDF format, and may be opened from the site if desired. The PDF format enables all users to view and print the files without the need to install complex Slavonic font sets, and UCS Encoding programs.
The APPENDICES link invokes a pdf file that has the same content as that found in the great SBORNIK and OKTOECHOS in current use. It has been appended to include daily Sripture readings, prokeimenons, etc.
The THEOTOKIONS is a collection of the most commonly used THEOTOKIONS, organized by tone in two sections. The first section is for Ressurectional services, the second section is for daily services.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975