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JAN 1st, Circumcision, St BasilJAN 2nd, St SylvesterJAN 2nd, St SeraphimJAN 3rd, Prophet MalachiJAN 4th, Sobor 70 Apost.JAN 5th, M. Theopemptos & Oth.JAN 6th, TheophanyJAN 7th, Synaxis of St JohnJAN 8th, St George (Hozevite)JAN 9th, M. PolyeuctosJAN 9th, St Philip of MoscowJAN 10th, St Gregory of NyssaJAN 10th, St Paul of ObnoraJAN 10th, St Theophan the RecluseJAN 11th, St TheodosiusJAN 11th, St Michael of Novgorod JAN 12th, M. TatianaJAN 12th, St Savva (Serbia)JAN 13th, M. Hermylos & OthJAN 14th, HM's. of SinaiJAN 14th, St Nina of GeorgiaJAN 15th, Sts Paul & JohnJAN 16th, Chains of St PeterJAN 17th, St Anthony the GreatJAN 18th, Sts Cyril & AthanasiusJAN 19th, St Makarius of EgyptJAN 20th, St Euthimius the GreatJAN 21st, St Maximus the ConfessorJAN 21st, St Maximus the GreekJAN 22nd, Ap. TimothyJAN 23rd, HM. Clement of AncyraJAN 24th, St XeniaJAN 24th, St Xenia of St PetersburgJAN 25th, St Gregory the TheologianJAN 25th, Icon - Soothe my SorrowsJAN 25th, New Martyrs of RussiaJAN 26th, St Xenophon & FamilyJAN 27th, St John ChrysostomJAN 28th, St Ephraim the SyrianJAN 29th, St Ignatius the GodbearerJAN 30th, The Three HierarchsJAN 31st, Sts Cyrus & JohnJAN 31st, St Nikita of Novgorod
Daily Menaion Services in Slavonic

Slavonic texts compiled with the IRMOLOGIAN Slavonic Font. This web site is meant to help people who are conducting readers services, therefore the Menaion Services include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are normally omitted from the Menaion. They have been included to reduce the need for flipping through pages in different books. For example; the Sunday dismissal Theotokion may be included (even though it is not used for daily services in some cases), but for those who only conduct readers services on Sundays it is usefull.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975