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DEC 1st, Prophet NahumDEC 2nd, Prophet HabbakukDEC 3rd, Prophet ZephaniahDEC 3rd, St. Sabbas StorozhevskiiDEC 4th, GM BarbaraDEC 5th, St. Sabbas the SanctifiedDEC 6th, St. Nicholas of MyraDEC 7th, St. Ambrose of MilanDEC 7th, St. Anthony SiskiiDEC 7th, St. Nilus the WonderworkerDEC 8th, St. PatapiusDEC 9th, Conception of TheotokosDEC 9th, Unexpected Joy IconDEC 10th, GM Menas & OthDEC 11th, St. Daniel the StyliteDEC 11th-17th Holy ForefathersDEC 12th, St. SpyridonDEC 13th, M's Eustratius & OthDEC 14th, M's Thyrsus & OthDEC 15th, HM EleutheriusDEC 15th, St. Stephen SyrozhskiiDEC 16th, Prophet HaggaiDEC 17th, 3 Youths in BabylonDEC 18th, GM Sebastion & OthDEC 18th-24th Holy FathersDEC 19th, M. BonifaceDEC 20th, HM IgnatiusDEC 20th, St. John of KronstadtDEC 21st, M. JulianaDEC 21st, St. Peter of KievDEC 22nd, GM Anastasia of RomeDEC 23rd, 10 Martyrs of CreteDEC 24th, M. EugeniaDEC 24th, Royal HoursDEC 25th, NativityDEC 26th, Synaxis of the TheotokosDEC 26th-31st Righteous AncestorsDEC 27th, Protomartyr StephenDEC 28th, 20,000 Martyrs of NicomediaDEC 29th, 14,000 Slain InnocentsDEC 30th, M. AnisiusDEC 30th, St. Makarios of MoscowDEC 31st, Leavetaking & M Melania
Daily Menaion Services in Slavonic

Slavonic texts compiled with the IRMOLOGIAN Slavonic Font. The Services are made available to help people who are conducting readers services, and access them on a digital device. They therefore include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are omitted in the MP Menaion, without the need to print them.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975