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FEB 1st, M. Triphon FEB 2nd, Meeting of the Lord FEB 3rd, Sts Symeon & Anna FEB 3rd, St Nicholas of Japan FEB 4th, St Isidore of Pelusium FEB 4th, Prince George FEB 4th, St Kyril of New-Lake FEB 5th, M. Agatha FEB 5th, Icon - Seeker of the Fallen FEB 6th, St Bucolus of SmyrnaFEB 7th, St PartheniusFEB 8th, M. Theodore StratalatisFEB 9th, M. NicephorusFEB 9th, St Innokenty of IrkutskFEB 10th, M. CharalampiusFEB 11th, HM. VlassiFEB 11th, St Dimitri of PrilutskFEB 11th, Prince VsevelodFEB 12th, St Meletius of AntiochFEB 12th, St Alexis of MoscowFEB 13th, St Martinian the HermitFEB 14th, St Auxentius the HermitFEB 14th, St Cyril & Methodius Eq. Ap.FEB 15th, Ap. OnesimusFEB 16th, HM. Pamphilius & OthFEB 17th, M. Theodore the Recruit FEB 17th, St Germogen of Moscow FEB 18th, St Leo the GreatFEB 19th, Ap. ArchippusFEB 20th, St Leo of CataniaFEB 20th, HM. Cornelius of KievFEB 21st, St Timothy of SymbolaFEB 22nd, M's of EugeniosFEB 23rd, HM. Polycarp of SmyrnaFEB 24th, Finding of St John's HeadFEB 25th, St Tarasius of Const.FEB 26th, St Porphyrius of Gaza.FEB 27th, St Prokopius of DecapolisFEB 28th, St Basil the Co-asceticFEB 29th, St John Cassian
Daily Menaion Services in Slavonic

Slavonic texts compiled with the IRMOLOGIAN Slavonic Font. The Services are made available to help people who are conducting readers services, and access them on a digital device. They can therefore include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are omitted in the MP Menaion, without the need to print them.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975