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MAR 1st, HM. Evdokia MAR 2nd, HM. Theodotus MAR 2nd, St Arsenius of Tver MAR 2nd, Icon - The Sovereign LadyMAR 3rd, M's Eutropius & Oth. MAR 4th, St Gerasimos of Jordan MAR 4th, Prince Daniel MAR 5th, M. Conan MAR 6th, 42 M's of AmorionMAR 7th, St's of ChersonMAR 7th, Icon - Intercessor for SinnersMAR 8th, St TheophylactMAR 9th, 40 M's of SebastiaMAR 10th, M. QuadratusMAR 11th, St Sophronius of JerusalemMAR 11th, St Euthymius of NovgorodMAR 12th, St TheophanesMAR 13th, St Nicephorus the ConfessorMAR 14th, St Benedict of NursiaMAR 15th, M. Agapios & Oth.MAR 16th, M. Sabin & Oth.MAR 17th, St Alexis Man of GodMAR 17th,St Makarius of KalazinMAR 18th, St Cyril of JerusalemMAR 19th, M's Chrysanthos & DariaMAR 20th, HM's of St Savva's Mon.MAR 21st, St James the ConfessorMAR 22nd, HM. Basil of AncyraMAR 23rd, HM Nikon & BrethrenMAR 24th, St Zacharius the FasterMAR 25th, AnnunciationMAR 26th, Synaxis of Arch. GabrielMAR 27th, St MatronaMAR 28th, St Hilarion the NewMAR 29th, HM. Mark & Oth.MAR 30th, St John of the LadderMAR 31st, HM. Hypatios of Gangra

Daily Menaion Services in Slavonic

Slavonic texts compiled with the IRMOLOGIAN Slavonic Font. The Services are made available to help people who are conducting readers services, and access them on a digital device. They can therefore include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are omitted in the MP Menaion, without the need to print them.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975