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MAY 1st, Prophet JeremiahMAY 1st, St PaphnutiusMAY 2nd, St Athanasius the GeratMAY 3rd, M's Tomithy & MauraMAY 3rd, St Theodosius (Kiev)MAY 4th, M. PelagiaMAY 5th, M. IreneMAY 6th, Prophet JobMAY 7th, M AcaciusMAY 8th, Ap John the TheologianMAY 9th, Prophet IsaiahMAY 9th, St Nicholas of MyraMAY 10th, Ap. SimonMAY 11th, M MociusMAY 11th, Sts Methodius & CyrilMAY 12th, Sts Epiphanius & OthMAY 12th, St Germogen of MoscowMAY 13th, M GlyceriaMAY 14th, M IsidoreMAY 14th, St Isidore of RostovMAY 15th, St Pochomius the GreatMAY 15th, St Isaiah of RostovMAY 15th, St Dimetrius the TsarMAY 16th, St TheodoreMAY 16th, St Ephraim PerekomskiiMAY 17th, Ap's Andronicus & OthMAY 18th, M Theodotus & OthMAY 19th, HM Patrick of PrussiaMAY 19th, St Cornelius of KomelMAY 20th, M ThalaleusMAY 20th, St Akexis of MoscowMAY 21st, Sts Constantine & HelenMAY 21st, Meeting of Vladimir IconMAY 21st, St Constantine & SonsMAY 22nd, M BasiliscusMAY 23rd, St Michael of SynadaMAY 23rd, St Leontius of Rostov MAY 23rd, St Euphrosynia of PolotskMAY 24th, St SymeonMAY 24th, St Nicetus the StyliteMAY 25th, 3rd Finding of St John-headMAY 26th, Ap CarpusMAY 26th, M George of BulgariaMAY 27th, HM TherapontMAY 28th, St Nicetas of Chalc.MAY 28th, St Ignatius of RostovMAY 29th, M TheodosiaMAY 29th, St John of YiustigMAY 29th, Helping Hand IconMAY 30th, St IsaaciusMAY 31st, M Hermias
Daily Menaion Services in Slavonic

Slavonic texts compiled with the IRMOLOGIAN Slavonic Font. The Services are made available to help people who are conducting readers services, and access them on a digital device. They therefore include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are omitted in the MP Menaion, without the need to print them.

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975