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JAN 1st, Circumcision, St BasilJAN 2nd, St SeraphimrJAN 5th, Theophany ForefeastJAN 6th, TheophanyJAN 19th, St Savvas Stor.JAN 25th, New Martyrs of RussiaJAN 27th, St John ChrysostomFEB 2nd, Meeting of the LordFEB 12th, Iveron Icon (Athos)FEB 12th, St Alexis of MoscowMAR 25th, AnnunciationAPR 16th, M's Agape & Oth.APR 30th, St Ignatius KavkazkiMAY 7th, St Nilus of SoraMAY 11th, Sts Cyril & MethodiusMAY 19th, St Dimitri DonskoiJUN 5th, New Martyr ElizabethJUN 16th, Holy Fathers of the CouncilsJUN 24th, Nativity of John the BaptistJUN 29th, Sts Peter & PaulJUL 15th, St VladimirJUL 19th, St Seraphim of SarovJUL 20th, Prophet ElijahJUL 27th, St Panteleimon AUG 5th, Transfiguration ForefeastAUG 6th, TransfigurationAUG 15th, DormitionAUG 24th, St Peter of MoscowAUG 29th, Beheading of St JohnAUG 30th, St Alexander of SverSEP 7th, Martyr SozontSEP 7th, St John of NovgorodSEP 8th, Nativity of the TheotokosSEP 11th, St Siloan of AThosSEP 13th, Elevation ForefeastSEP 14th, Elevation of the CrossSEP 16th, Martyr LudmillaSEP 17th, M's Vera Nadezhda and LyubovSEP 19th, Martyr TriphonSEP 20th, Martyr EustathiusSEP 26th, St John the TheologianSEP 28th, New Martyr Tichon of MoscowOCT 1st, PokrovOCT 1st, St Roman the MelodistOCT 3rd, St Dionysius the Aer.OCT 5th, Sobor of Moscow HierarchsOCT 10th, St Ambrose of OptinaOCT 11th, Holy Fathers of CouncilsOCT 13th, Iveron Icon (Moscow)OCT 18th, St Luke the EvangelistOCT 22nd, Kazan IconOCT 26th, Martyr Dimitrius the Myrh.NOV 1st, Sts Cosmos & DamianNOV 8th, Archangel MichaelNOV 21st, Entry of the TheotokosNOV 30th, Ap. AndrewDEC 4th, St John the DamasceneDEC 6th, St NicholasDEC 11th, Holy ForefathersDEC 20th, St John of Kron.DEC 24th, Holy Fathers DEC 25th, Nativity of the LordDEC 25th, Nativity Royal HoursDEC 30th, St Makarius of Moscow
Daily Menaion Services in Russian

Slavonic texts compiled with a Times Roman Russian Font. Some of the Menaion Services include all Scripture readings, Prokiemenons, and other parts that are normally omitted from the Menaion. Others have only Vespers (Compiled from Russian web-sites, may contain Liturgical errors)

Saintly Metropolitan Philaret
Metr. Philaret
Circa 1975